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Hallo everybody! I welcome you to my web-site. In this site you can get free information about Bukit Lawang           (the main door to enter GUNUNG LEUSER NATIONAL PARK (GLNP)). BUKIT LAWANG  is  orangutans country and one of the most famous tourist destination in Sumatera. Many activities for eco-tourism at this place such as : jungle trekking, tubing down the scenic Bahorok river, winding on inner tire, rafting on Wampu river and Bahorok river, caving. And also you can see here farmers activities, traditional dance, culture of the local people, brown sugar processing etc. TO VISIT BUKIT LAWANG IS TO VISIT PARADISE OF SUMATERA. Welcome to Sumateran PARADISE!







  • "I did a 3-day jungle tour in Bukit Lawang with Papola and had a marvelous time. Papola is one of the older guides in the village and knows the forest like the pocket of his pant..."
    Great gour with a great guide
  • "We had two very interesting days in the jungle with our small children. We learnt how to build a shelter; cooking wild vegetables; great swimming spots; meditation; natural ene..."
    Robert Lambourn and family

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